Serpentine Squash Farmer’s Market Adventure

I got this squash a couple of years ago from our local farmer’s market. I had great fun playing with my food before eating it, as you can see from the pictures below.

I found these while cleaning out my computer hard drive and thought I would share these gems with you!

Do not Disturb the Squash

zucchetta rampicante

I got those flowers from the farmer’s market too! There is a vendor that sells milk in those jugs. And roll butter.

Why hello there

You can see why it’s called the ‘serpent’ squash.

I don’t remember how we prepared the squash, probably a stir fry. I seem to remember that the skin was much tougher and thicker than zucchini or yellow squash. More like an acorn squash.

This article has a pretty good recipe for preparing the serpentine squash.

And this guy has a more presentable version:

Serpentine Squash

I’ll be venturing out to the farmer’s market again this weekend. Treasure awaits!