About Me

My love affair with cooking began with my preschool cookbook entry titled “Paint”. My palate has since evolved but my love of cooking remains. I cook simple, healthy foods that are filling and taste great.

As for what type of food I’ll typically write about- its pretty much what I eat, so sort of a healthy-ish Ina Garten (with chocolate). I do like to try new things, and I usually end up at the library (we have a great one!) every other week with a pile of books, which may or may not include various cookbooks.

I try to shop locally; in the summer and fall I go to the weekly farmer’s market which is right down the street from my apartment on Saturdays. I typically go to the West Side Market every couple of months to explore, stock up, and eat Gyros. In the winter and when I’m feeling too lazy to get up before noon on Saturday, I’ll head over to the grocery store for essentials and impulse purchases culinary adventures (who am I kidding, I do that no matter where I shop! I once bought wheat berries because they looked interesting).

Thanks for joining the adventure!

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