Adventures in Food, Pt. 1

I had a pretty great day today- I had a vacation day and I got to do a LOT of shopping, and my boyfriend got back from his trip. So pretty much the trifecta of awesome.

Today is my first post about food adventures, which means I saw something cool on a shelf somewhere and decided to buy it.

We were in our local Indo-American Convenience store stocking up on essentials like red lentils and moong beans, when we saw this gem on the shelf. It’s Kurkure, Naughty Tomatoes flavor. Yes, that’s right: Naughty Tomatoes.

There wasn't much cheese flavor in these

So naughty

Just in case you can’t see how awesome this packaging is, here is a close up of what I’m going to call the flavor mascot:

Luscious Lips- Tomato LipsLook at those lips! And the horns- they’re vibrating (with what? Naughty-ness?). And the whole tomato-body-thing is pulsing with bright rays of light (or radiation? Maybe that’s why a tomato has such luscious lips and quivering horns).

A treat such as this must be shared with loved ones and friends, so I recruited my boyfriend and a fellow blogger/friend to join in this taste extravaganza. A bite-by-bite commentary follows:

Boyfriend and Blogger-Friend: (pick up and sniff the Kurkure-thing)

Fake Cheetos

Blogger-Friend: Smells like fake pizza flavoring.

Boyfriend: Smells like tomatoes.

Boyfriend and Blogger-Friend (Crunch)

Blogger-Friend: (Grimace, Looks confused): It looks like a Cheeto, but tastes like a tomato.

Boyfriend: This makes me want real Cheetos.

Blogger-Friend: It’s like you sucked all of the cheese dust off of a stale Cheeto, then dipped it in ketchup.

Boyfriend: There is just a little zip.

Blogger-Friend: They’re not good, but I feel strangely compelled to keep eating them.

Boyfriend: They aren’t as bad as Mountain Dew Doritos.

Blogger-Friend: They could be an accoutrement to tomato soup.

…. 30 minutes later

Blogger-Friend: A bowl of Cheetos would not have lasted as long as these have. And I would have a lot more orange crap on my lips.

So there you have it: Kurkure Naughty Tomato fake Cheetos. Tastes like stale Cheetos dipped in ketchup. All right!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Food, Pt. 1

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